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"Mask House Sponsored "10 Outstanding New Hong Kong Persons Selection"
As a Korean mask expert, Mask House takes the responsibility of social enterprises as our own responsibility. We are more than honor that we were the sponsor in the 1st “Ten outstanding New Hong Kong Young Persons Selection”, and cooperate with the main organizers, & Brightway Hong Kong to issue the awards for the New Hong Kong Persons, which presenting their outstanding achievements in finance, real estate, architecture, engineer, medical, culture & community. The ceremony has been held in 22nd March, 2015, Mask House hearty congratulates for the winners, thanks for the outstanding contributions for Hong Kong.
Special Sponsor for the Whampoa Tigers Football Club
In this New Year, we sponsored the sport jersey for the Whampoa Tigers Football Club, to demonstrate the new appearance for the football team. In the hope of make an effort for the contribution for arouse the awareness of playing football. Mask House wish all the teammates be healthy and vigorous and all the best in this year. the winners, thanks for the outstanding contributions for Hong Kong.
HSBC Living Business Programme - Community Engagement Award, the Green Achievement Award and the People Caring Award
Catil Int'l Ent'l Ltd. aims to promote the development of social enterprises services. We dedicate the spirit of the public services thru the hiring of disabilities, donation and encourage the employees to participate in the volunteer services. We are more than honor to win the award of Green Achievement Award and the People Caring Award. We are so pleased to win the praise and recognition from the public; we promised that we would promote more charity events and contribute to the community in the coming future.
Orbis :CHOCOOLATE Moonwalkers Annual Night Walkathon
All Employee joined the Moonwalkers to fundraising for the blindness in the world which launched by Orbis. We walked 20km to fundraising for the blindness, using our actions to present our love and care to “Light up the dark; Light up their world”. Promoting the helpful hands for the weakness in the societies and encourage the practice of mutually help and love.
Mask House save the blind with your love
To raise the awareness of “Light up the dark; Light Up their world” of Orbis, Catil raise the fund of donation. For every Mask House products we sold, we donate $5 to Orbis for the charity, and donate HKD40,000 for the total. We hope to support Orbis to buy the medical aids for the broke blindness and encourage the people cherish and protect their vision.
Caring Company
This is the consecutive 8 years to gain the award of “caring company” which certify that our company care about the employees, community and the environment, and joining to build a harmonious inclusive community.
Sponsor of Woman’s Association Activities
Be a sponsor of Tin Shui Wai Woman Association Limited for their mother’s day event. In the event, our company sponsor the personal skincare products for the women, to encourage the women to look after their families and working , but not to forget to take care for themselves, increase their confidence, be more active and love themselves.
Donate book with love
By the cooperation of Catil Int’l Ent’l Ltd & Genuis Club, we donate over 7500 English books and teaching aids to 100 schools in local and mainland and organizations, in order to encourage the atmosphere of reading around the children and teenagers.
5 consecutive years won “Caring Company” Awards
Won the "Caring Company" awards in 5 consecutive years and acquire "5 years plus caring company logo" from The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS), to praise our effort in the social enterprise
Sponsor School Events
The 4 consecutive years sponsored the Joint-School Singing Contest of the Hong Kong College of Technology, and sponsored Dancing Contest of the Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology in 2 consecutive years. We aim to encourage the development of intelligence and potential of the teenagers, in order to build up the positive attitude, self-confidence & perseverance to work for their dreams.
HKIM Brand-with-a-Conscience Award
We achieved the Brand-with-a-Conscience Award from Hong Kong Institute of Marketing. With our outstanding achievements in sincerity and demonstration in corporate social responsibility, which including business ethics, corporate governance, fair trade& business practices, caring work environment, environmental care and community care.