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  • MHS Collagen Vita Tea (Red Vinegar)
  • MHS Collagen Vita Tea (Red Vinegar)

콜라겐 비타 홍초
MHS Collagen Vita Tea (Red Vinegar)

Capacity :
Ingredients and Efficacy :
  • Replenish collagen fiber and promote cell regeneration
  • Extract of nature red vinegar raises skin elasticity and keep the skin hydrated and youth
  • Multiple intake methods: Instant beauty drink, mix with salad, yogurt or cocktail
Usage :
  • Add cold /warm water(100~120ml) to serve
  • Serve with salad or cocktail
  • Mix with yogurt (150~180g)

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As a sub brand of Korean popular skincare brand Mask House, MHS launched new collagen drink. It is formulated with abundant Korean Red Vinegar essence which differs from general vinegar products. Each pack contains 7000 mg of Marine collagen essence, to infuse skin with endless power of repair and regeneration.
Especially contains rich Marine collagen essence to rejuvenate skin tightness
Each cup of drink contains vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D3 and E, a completely new complexion which plumps up skin tissues to revitalize regeneration and firming at the same time.
Contains essence derived from natural Red Vinegar with rich vitamin C. It helps to restore "Hydrated.Softer.Elastic.Smooth" skin.
Fresh fruit Rich Flavor
Suggested Usage:
  • Add cold / warm water (100-120ml) to serve
  • Serve with salad or cocktail
  • Mix with yogurt (150-180g)
Different from traditional large bottles of citron honey,each box of MHS beauty drink includes 7 pcs,it’s convenient to have a beauty treatment anytime.
★ NO Caffeine, No Additives, No Preservatives
Made in Korea