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  • CELEBRITY Xtreme-Firming Illuminator
  • HK version - CELEBRITY Xtreme-Firming Illuminator
  • HK version - CELEBRITY Xtreme-Firming Illuminator
  • HK version - CELEBRITY Xtreme-Firming Illuminator

양태반 에센스
CELEBRITY Xtreme-Firming Illuminator

Capacity :
Skin Type :
All Skin Types
Ingredients and Efficacy :
  • With anti-aging ingredients, reducing dullness, wrinkles, facial laxity, dryness and roughness
  • Contains Vita-Crystal Anti Oxidation Power which stimulates cells to decompose melanin and anti-dark spots.
  • Extracted from pure sheep placenta provides essential nutrients to your skin  
Usage :
  1. Cleanse & dry the face thoroughly
  2. Open the cap & dispense an ample amount
  3. Apply around the face & gently press with palm to absorb  

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Pure Sheep Placenta, which has been considered as a luxury beauty care ingredient, also is known as “Elements of life”. It has become the new darling of beauty care since launched. Since ancient times, sheep placenta has been a favorite of royalty and nobles. Today, the leading beauty scientific technology of Korea has been able to extract more pure sheep placenta. With a strong marketing communication for sheep placenta, its magical efficacy have been understood by public and sought after celebrities and stars. It is now one of the well-known anti-aging ingredients in Korea.
This product is extracted from rare and expensive pure sheep placenta which is sourced from sheep in high mountains in Korea. Our Pure Sheep Placenta refines powerful stem cells which contain a strong vitality and anti-gravitation. It effectively stimulates and protects the underlying skin cell proliferation. It effectively regenerates and repairs your skin, and strengthens the antioxidant capacity of your soft tissue to improve facial microcirculation for a more youthful skin with tender and smooth skin texture and younger skin age.
Brand New – Hydro-Cytomixis Technology effectively repairs damaged cells and stimulates their cell proliferation for waking the cell function of water adsorption. It allows endless water supply to your skin and build up a barrier to bank water into each cells. Your skin is no longer drained but moisturized and shinning.
The product contains tons of Vita-Crystal Anti-Oxidation Power which resolve the deep melanin and stain in a second by inputting the power into the underlying skin. It provides an ultimate power against antioxidant for improving your skin from dullness, facial laxity, dryness and roughness.
1 drop of placenta enrich with vitamins.
The texture is smooth and rich.
Absorbed completely in a few sec.
Provides 1 week’s essential nutrients to your skin.
Effectively enhances the moisture factor of your skin cell and smoothen the wrinkles and fine lines by isolating oxidative cell growth.
All skin aging problems, pores, facial laxity, pigmentation, dullness etc, are comprehensively improved.
Since I gave birth, I have needed to take care of our baby overnight and to do housework from the early morning. I was extremely lack of rest. Just a few months, I looked so tried and my skin was dull. I am just early thirty but my face was full of wrinkles. Fortunately, my friend recommended me to use this sheep placenta. Then since I’ve used it, my face is nourished and revitalized. I look much more better and feel fresh.
Moisture: 9 points increased
Oil: 4 points increased
Elasticity: 9 points increased