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  • CELEBRITY Bee-Tox Elite Eye Serum
  • HK version - CELEBRITY Bee-Tox Elite Eye Serum
  • HK version - CELEBRITY Bee-Tox Elite Eye Serum
  • HK version - CELEBRITY Bee-Tox Elite Eye Serum

CELEBRITY Bee-Tox Elite Eye Serum

Capacity :
Skin Type :
All Skin Types
Ingredients and Efficacy :
  • Bee venon rejuvenates collagen, eliminating the look of fine lines, wrinkles and dryness
  • Activating blood circulation system And reinforcing skin barrier to reduce dark circle and puffiness
  • New Syringe-style filler.  
Usage :
  1. Cleanse & dry the face thoroughly
  2. Open the cap & dispense an ample amount
  3. Apply around your eyes & tap the areas lightly with fingers  

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Extracted from active biological elements of bee venom. It contains a powerful capacity for antioxidant and it can stimulate for collagen and protein. Smooth the appearance of lines, dark circles and puffiness, lift up your eyes in a flash.
The natural antioxidants from grape seed oil - Linoleic Acid and Oligo Proanthocyanidin (OPC), are inter-actional to accelerate cell division, and strengthen the skin tissue significantly. It helps dilute the dark circles and the prevent melanin precipitation, also disintegrates eye puffiness and relaxation.
Clear gels - smooth and lithe
Easy to apply and absorb, instantly removing wrinkles for a lifted and sculptedeye area.
Improves regeneration capacity of eye muscle and develops natural barrier for defend.
Strengthen your eye muscle, your fibrous tissue will be improved and back to elastic.
Activate blood circulation system, reduce the ocular melanin formation
Dose weight indication: Ensure the standard dose size for each use.
Specially formulated to meet the needs and conditions of individual skin.
Prevent the loss from oxidation for maintaining the serum with the best quality and efficacy.
Prevent the serum leakage and exposure to air, user friendly.
Finished all 3 fillers in 1 week. Eyes bags and dry lines are both significantly improved. That really surprises me. Also, I love the unique design of vacuum syringe-style filler. It prevents the loss from oxidation from maintaining the quality and efficacy of serum. Besides, the dose weight indication allows me apply standard dose size for each use.
Moisture: 7 points increased
Oil: 4 points increased
Elasticity: 9 points increased