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  • CELEBRITY Golden Snail Moisturizing Serum
  • HK version - CELEBRITY Golden Snail Moisturizing Serum
  • HK version - CELEBRITY Golden Snail Moisturizing Serum
  • HK version - CELEBRITY Golden Snail Moisturizing Serum

골든 스네일 보습 세럼
CELEBRITY Golden Snail Moisturizing Serum

Capacity :
Skin Type :
All Skin Types
Ingredients and Efficacy :
  • An extract of snail essence stimulates cellular regeneration by optimally hydrating and repairing the damaged skin cell
  • Gold antioxidant ingredients effectively accelerate the regeneration of skin circulation and dramatically rewind the visible sign of aging
  • New Syringe-style filler  
Usage :
  1. Cleanse & dry the face thoroughly
  2. Open the cap & dispense an ample amount
  3. Apply around the face & gently press with palm to absorb  

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The researchers in Korea have been studying snail serum for many years to find the best ingredients for skin care. Snail serum catapulted to fame internationally with unexpected strong and unstoppable momentum. Even more, this serum is consistently recognized as one of the most representative moisturizing ingredients in the beauty industry in the recent years. People may think snails are a symbol of laziness; however, its speed of repair is unusually amazing. WHO experts confirmed that the snail mucus enhances and activates the ability of skin cell for repair and regeneration. The serum has a satisfaction and amazing effect especially used for cosmetic and skin care aspects. Snail serum is one of the classic legend and another milestone in the history of beauty care.
Extracted by a new generation of nano technology. Golden snail serum quickly imports into every inch of the underlying skin for promoting the growth of cells, enhancing skin elasticity, relieving dryness and smoothing various extent of fine lines. With the strong anti-oxidation function of the golden snail serum, dark spots are effectively repelled and a natural skin barrier is built for prevention of melanin formation. Eventually, skin apprears finer and brighter.
Allantoin of Snail prime essence has excellent power for hydrating regeneration that induces skin for self-waterlock, It allows an endless supply of nourishing ingredients injecting into cells for maintain moisture. The damaged skin will also be repaired.
Nourishing cream texture with luxurious gold.
100% absorbed effectively for high-level of moisturizing
Instantly replenishes and moistures, fine lines are significantly diluted.
Effectively accelerate the regeneration of skin circulation and slow down the oxidative aging process.
Activate cells to dramatically stimulate your skin back to ultimate flawless.
Dose weight indication: Ensure the standard dose size for each use.
Specially formulated to meet the needs and conditions of individual skin.
Prevent the loss from oxidation for maintaining the serum with the best quality and efficacy.
Prevent the serum leakage and exposure to air, user friendly.
The texture is creamy. I can smell the faint scent of the serum. Also, I can see some gold foil in the serum and it is fully absorbed by a few mins massage.
I have tried 3 other brands of snail serum but none of them worked for fixing my peeling skin. However, the next day I started using this golden snail moisturizing serum, my make-up is light, smooth and lasting all day long, no peeling skin occurred!
Moisture: 9 points increased
Oil: 4 points increased
Elasticity: 7 points increased