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2013 TVB Weekly Miss Hong Kong Pageant

Mask House has been appointed sponsor of skincare products for 3 consecutive years. Ho Wing Chung, the managing director of Mask House Asian general agency "Catil Beauty", took group photos with Miss Hong Kong winners.

Four Miss Hong Kong winners introduced the face mask and skincare products like serum of Mask House.


Left to right:

The runner-up of 2013 Miss Hong Kong, Sisley Choi introduced Mask House Celebrity Bee-Tox Serum. The champion of 2013 Miss Hong Kong and the most photogenic madam, Grace Chan recommended Mask House Celebrity Snail Serum. The third winner of 2013 Miss Hong Kong, Moon Lau presented Mask House Celebrity Bee-Tox Mask. "Miss Friendship" of 2013 Miss Hong Kong, Ou-Yang Hau Ying introduced Mask House Celebrity Snail Mask.